About Teulu Essence

We started making soy candles and melts in early 2018. After our favourite seller stopped, we were forced to buy from elsewhere but never found the same quality. After some research we decided to try making our own. With great success we believe we could make products comparable to our favourite seller!

Our family, love being guinea pigs and testing the products. It’s a family affair! All the kids love to help stirring the fragrances into the wax, putting labels on and of course, testing the bath products.

We wanted to have a name to represent our whole family and the essence of who we are. We just could not come up with the right combination. A thought came along, what if we try another language? So using our Welsh heritage, we translated ‘Family’ and that came out as ‘Teulu’. What better name could we come up with than TEULU ESSENCE!

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and strive at excellent customer service.

Please remember, our products are hand made with mostly natural ingredients which may have imperfections. So just as like nature, perfectly imperfect.